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The full-service advertising agency GDMproductions was founded in 2001 in San Francisco, California. Since 2011 we operate our company from Germany, Baden-Württemberg close to Stuttgart. Our team is made up of a network of qualified media experts and camera operators.
We speak English, German, Spanish, Greek, Turkish and Czech. Our colleagues have combined over 50 years professional experience from the USA, Germany, Dubai, and many other parts of the world.
This allows us to provide a high quality standard, as well as an innovative and reliable service for corporate films, commercials, event recordings, and aerial photo and video.
GDMproductions is always on the cutting edge of technology and offers clients an efficient and effective work process with quality customer service.



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Submitted by gdmpro on Jan-10-2020
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Under the motto "Window to Production" we help companies in the manufacturing sector to present their skills. The so-called window is an installation of 3 - 5 synchronized displays, which gives visitors an insight behind the scenes of the respective companies.

We are looking for film production companies that are familiar with 4K video and storytelling. IT specialists for system integration and agencies that can take over project management.

As of 2020, we will award contracts for projects among the companies listed in the network.


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