Chris Weisemöller

Chris Weisemöller


Description Digital Film.

Together we will find the right and most economical production volume for your project.

My personal recommendation: It is best to get in touch at the very first beginning of your project planning phase. communication is one of the most important keystones for successful film productions.

Based in Munich, Bavaria, is booked from all over the country for innovative technical and creative productions.



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Submitted by camerachriscom on Jan-13-2020
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Under the motto "Window to Production" we help companies in the manufacturing sector to present their skills. The so-called window is an installation of 3 - 5 synchronized displays, which gives visitors an insight behind the scenes of the respective companies.

We are looking for film production companies that are familiar with 4K video and storytelling. IT specialists for system integration and agencies that can take over project management.

As of 2020, we will award contracts for projects among the companies listed in the network.


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